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  • Loren Buchanan

You're not broken.

Often times the things we feel are broken within our bodies are an invitation to consider doing, seeing, being…differently. Our society has a warped view on brokenness. Or is it actually we don’t know what wholeness feels like so we can’t recognize it? I have been praised and admired while in the deepest parts of my brokenness. There was once a time where I didn’t believe I had anything to offer the world other than the empty outer shell I was hiding behind. We get obsessed with the need to fix it all while we are in hiding because we don’t want to expose our mess, and allow the risk of vulnerability into our daily lives. I’ve been thinking a lot less about what wholeness looks like, and more about how it feels these days. Today it felt like adding more weight at the gym, and not giving up. This afternoon it might feel like a nap and a cookie with my kiddos. We are not broken, loves. We are beautiful beams of light trying to figure out how to be human. ✨✨✨✨

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