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5 Steps to Walk Out of Your Desert to Your Mountaintop.

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Choosing Our Healing Through Radical Self-Acceptance

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Deserts to Mountaintops Volume II is a collection of nineteen women's voices, born out of Jessica's own struggle to love and accept her body, soul, and mind. Operating under the belief that we cannot heal fully in isolation, she has assembled a group of courageous women to generously share their stories of mental health disorders, chronic illness, disordered eating, sexual identity, and body reclamation. The result is a transformational guidebook for any woman who is committed to exploring self-compassion through the lens of radical self-acceptance.


Every Woman Has a Story to Tell.

The Anthology Experience

The Anthology Experience

Our Anthology Projects are a collection of beautifully crafted stories accompanied by a highly curated experience for each author. From writing coaching to developmental editing with copyeditors to a day of filming for the book trailer, we are building a community of accomplished women writers.


We consider this a "Masterclass in Memoir Writing" with a bestselling book as a final product. 

And you're not alone. One of the most memorable components of the writing your chapter is the community of like-minded women with you on the journey. 

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"My experience was fantastic! ... Jess let me cry and talked me through my feelings and thoughts. Her grace and encouragement helped me to continue writing and persevere.


Jess, you are such a blessing in my life. I cannot thank you enough for providing me this opportunity to write a chapter and share my story, for your grace, for your encouragement, for your love and support."

Shaina Philpot

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