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Every woman has a desert to mountaintop story to share.

Volume III of the Deserts to Mountaintops anthologies will highlight the unique journey from the desert to mountaintop experiences of motherhood. Each chapter focuses on one woman’s specific story that recounts her sacred journey to motherhood, away from it, or any path in between.

The Pilgrimage
of Motherhood

The inspiration for this collection of experiential essays, stems from my own experience in motherhood, which started with a suspected miscarriage in the desert just days after I was forced to walk to my own mock execution, and then the shock of learning I was pregnant just three weeks after my rescue by SEAL Team VI. It was like I had been delivered from one hostage experience and thrown into another one- inside my own body.

While my story is wild, my experience around motherhood is NOT unique. I have learned so much about myself as I have climbed out of the desert and up to the mountain, back to myself. I am looking for DTM contributors to cover themes such as infertility, abortion, adoption, post-partum depression, childless by choice- and so much more.

Every woman has a desert to mountaintop story to share.

Are you ready to heal yourself, and others, with your story?

My Story

We are looking for the women who...

  • Have journeyed from the desert of motherhood and made it to the summit of their maternal mountain and could capture that experience (in whatever way that looks like!) in 4000 words or less. We are very open to your interpretation of how you have journeyed the sacred path of motherhood.


  • Have courageously reclaimed their role as a mother or non-mother, and are ready to speak their truth- yet they don’t have enough material for their own Memoir Manifesto, YET.


  • Are looking to launch into the professional speaking world and are in need of published assets to establish credibility.


  • Are in need of building their network, audience and social media platforms in order to meet future professional goals.


  • Would benefit from coaching support from a professional speaker, NYT and Amazon bestselling author.


  • Would flourish with group support and peer feedback as they compose and share their stories with the world.


  • Would love the opportunity to become a bestselling author.


  • Would benefit from learning the ins and outs of book marketing, promotion and PR (think of this as an investment in your future profession)


  • Feel compelled to heal with their personal stories of transformation in order to advocate, educate, inspire and empower other women to do the same.


  • Have always dreamed of holding their own published works in their hands and thrive in groups of supportive women.

Marble Surface


The Anthology Experience

Our Anthology Projects are a collection of beautifully crafted stories accompanied by a highly curated experience for each author. From writing coaching to developmental editing with copyeditors to a day of filming for the book trailer, we are building a community of accomplished women writers.


We consider this a "Masterclass in Memoir Writing" with a bestselling book as a final product. 

And you're not alone. One of the most memorable components of the writing your chapter is the community of like-minded women with you on the journey. 

Project Includes:

  • One narrative chapter contribution with comprehensive editing, feedback and developmental support  

  • Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions with professional speaker, NYT and Bestselling author and writing coach, Jessica Buchanan

  • One 90-minute Writing Workshop Group Session

  • Four more group coaching and feedback sessions including writing support, marketing and PR instructions, audiobook training, and more.

  • Peer support for chapter submission

  • Option to participate in a Video Trailer promoting book

  • Production, publishing and uploading of all versions of Deserts to Mountaintops for worldwide distribution through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram and other trade outlets

  • Advance copies available at wholesale prices for your own personal distribution and sale

  • Audio book publishing support upload on Audible: You buy your equipment and we professionally edit your chapter

  • Amazon Bestseller Campaign

  • Branded social media assets personalized and curated to promote the project and your new role as a BEST SELLING AUTHOR!

  • The opportunity to expand your audience and network by 20x through cross promotion with other collaborating authors 

  • The guarantee of becoming a BEST SELLING AUTHOR on Amazon

  • The opportunity to create sacred community with other inspiring women authors on the collective theme of reclaiming your body

  • A personalized PR and marketing package designed specifically for this project that you can use to launch your work upon publication

  • Exclusive interview on Deserts to Mountaintops Podcast

  • An epic In-person launch to celebrate the publishing of book

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Our Authors Say...

woman named Rula
"I have always taken to writing but never given a real published platform to share. When I learned there was room for my voice in DTM, I grabbed it. I didn’t let my fear and anxiety even let me think twice about not taking the chance, because I knew Jessica was a guide, pillar and visionary. She effortlessly brought a collective of beautiful women together who will be forever connected by this experience, and who are all sharing themselves for their own healing and for that of others.

Jessica guided, encouraged, nurtured and pioneered. I couldn’t have written such rawness if she wasn’t there to hash it out of me. She’s opened up a door for me, and held space, for one of the first times in my life. To manage all these women and give enough of herself to make each feel like they’re in the spotlight has been an incredible experience."

Rula Abrifah | "Hyphenated"

Bestselling Anthology Collection

Take a look at our anthology collection including Volume I

Deserts to Mountaintops: Our Collective Journey to (re) Claiming Our Voice.


Are you ready to inspire
with your story?

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